To my mind, glass is an unrivalled material. Its qualities of sublime colour, reflective transparency and surface luminescence offer a lifetime of creative potential.

Primarily I create vessels that are deeply carved with detailed, precise patterns and have a predilection for working on blown glass. Technically complex, each vessel has layers of wafer thin colour, which are engraved to create deep reflections that reverberate through the glass.

I strive for symmetry in my vessels and so require exceptional control of the naturally fluid glass blowing process and highly value the collaborative nature of working with talented glass blowers.

Conceptually I am concerned with the sentimental essence of nostalgia, romance and nature’s beauty, which is always intertwined with a celebration of the material itself.

Outside the fine art world I collaborate with interior designers, using my architectural glass training to produce unique features for luxury interiors. Creating walls, doors, tiles – all decadently carved, perhaps with an accent of gilding or antique silvering.

I aim to test the limits that glass and traditional techniques allow. I set myself the challenge to achieve an impeccable finish. One that demands to be seen up close, touched, owned and celebrated.